Securities Research and Special Topical Consulting Services
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TX always adheres to the principle of independence and objectivity, and has already established its research system and research team with “TX” characteristics. TX’s research covers macro economy, strategies, industries, sectors, listed companies, funds and bonds etc.


Securities Research


Securities Research Services for Institutional Investors

TX provides institutional investors (fund management companies, insurance companies, investment companies, asset management companies, etc) with the following services:

  • Timely and in-depth research reports and investment advice with respect to the tracking, analyzing and predicting macroeconomic developing trends, securities market trends, industry developing trends, listed companies operating status and opportunities of investment.
  • Organizing various kinds of services, such as conference calls with experts, strategy research conferences, listed companies visit, etc.
  • Inviting clients to participate in joint research on listed companies.
  • Accepting the special topic and project commission.

    Research Products and Services for Brokerage Business of Securities Companies

    TX provides series of research and financial information products to the brokerage business of securities companies which include:

  • Macroeconomic data analysis, securities market analysis, daily investing express, daily SMS (Short Message Service), analysis of abnormal changes in shares, featured stock pool, etc.
  • Training programs for analysts and investment consultants.
  • Plan and support for service activities of securities brokerage department.
  • Personalized information and analysis system software for key clients.


    Series of Research Support for Financial Products (fund, etc) Distribution

    For consecutive years, TX is the associate sponsor of China Mutual Fund "Golden Bull Award", and the editorial board member of both "fund Distributionpractitioners qualification examination reference book"(issued by SAC) and "Annual Report of China Securities Investment Fund Industry". TX also has the qualification of conducting fund evaluation business. TX’s primary services are as following:

  • Comprehensive fund information, such as fund daily information, fund rating reports, special topical series of quarterly analysis of funds, fund investment value analysis reports, and fund companies & fund managers analysis reports.
  • Helping the establishment and execution of the fund distribution applicability system, including fund risk assessment, fund company due diligence, investor risk-appetite qustionnaire and risk matching.
  • Fund pool and fund portfolio services.
  • Training program for fund distribution practitioner’s qualification examination.
  • Non-public offering Funds rating.


    Special Topical Consulting


    Special Topical Consulting (Investment Consulting, etc) Services for Institutional Investors

    TX provides institutional investors with diversified investment consulting services, including the process design for the entrusted assets management, performance evaluation and incentive plans, risk control system, business process design, investment benchmark, and the proposal for strategic asset allocation, etc.


    Consulting Services of Financial Products Design

    TX provides designing services of various financial products for institutional investors, including fund management companies, securities companies, banks, trust companies, etc.


    Research & Consulting Services of Special Topic

    TX provides special topical studies relating to the financial industry and capital market for governmental organizations, industry associations, financial and non-financial institutions, etc.


    Indexes and Related Research & Consulting Services for Investors

    “TX Indexes” have become important references for investors’ daily researches and transactions. TX also provides customized index services according to the requirements of clients, which include research and consulting services with respect to indexes, index futures, and such related financial products.

    Fund Distribution Services------- Buy fund? Choose TX


    One-Stop Services for Fund Investment

    TX is committed to create a fund selection, investment and management platform with convenient service and superior customer experience, where investors will receive one-stop investment services and professional financing consulting service (consulting, transaction, tracking, etc.) to choose the suitable fund products.


    Personal Financial Advisory Services

    Based on powerful research and flexible strategy, TX devotes itself to build a high-efficiency service network by breaking space barriers and providing applicable fund financial services for investors.


    Perfect Transaction Pattern

    TX provides combined transaction pattern of “online-internet” and “offline-counter”. Investors can choose, in their discretions, either the quick transaction just by “touch a button” online or the face-to-face professional services at the counters.


    Individualized Investment Program Services

    Pursuant to the provision of  “selling the appropriate fund to the appropriate investor”, together with advantages of the fund research platform, experienced research team and professional analysis system, TX selects and designs several kinds of Investment programs suitable for investors of different characteristics, which facilitate the fund choosing matters. TX’s services include:

  • Risk evaluation: evaluating risk tolerance of investors and risk level of fund products scientifically.
  • Risk matching: matching risk tolerance of investors with risk level of fund appropriately.
  • Fund selecting: evaluating the fund performance, growth potential and capability of managers with quantitative and qualitative methods to select appropriate funds.
  • Fund portfolio: allocating selected funds scientifically and constructing suitable fund portfolio according to investor’s investment requirement and his risk tolerance.


    High Value-added Services: Keeping Constant Tracking of Fund Investment

    TX’s professional financial advisors track the investor’s fund portfolio performance and give adjustment advice timely in accordance with the analysis of securities market and fund products. TX helps investors to realize dynamic management of assets with its professional services. Services include:

  • Constant tracking: tracking the fund portfolio by regular analysis and evaluation.
  • Adjustment advices on fund portfolio: providing dynamic adjustment advice on fund portfolios according to changes from funds, investor’s requirement or risk evaluation.

    Diverse interactive communication

    TX provides information of funds and securities market via a variety of channels, such as website, e-mail, SMS, fax and direct mail publications. TX also organizes interactive communication activities, such as product introductions, financial management seminars, fund investment strategy conferences, etc.

    Financial Data and Software Services
    ---Precise, Professional, Reliable


    TX Financial Database

    TX Financial Database covers all of the public information for the listed companies, funds, bonds, warrants, indexes, futures and Hong Kong stocks. It also includes news updates, relevant laws and regulations, macroeconomic data, industrial data, historical performance data and TX Indexes, etc. TX indexes have become important reference to investors’ daily research and transactions, and investment performance benchmark of fund companies and securities companies.


    TX Investment Analysis System

    TX investment analysis system is a professional securities investment analysis system, which is built upon TX financial database to provide the services, such as real-time share price tracking, technical analysis, stock analysis, fund analysis, asset management, index analysis, bond analysis, macroeconomic data, industry data, market information, research reports, Excel engineering, etc.  This system enables institutional clients to make professional and appropriate investment decisions.


    TX Financial Terminal

    TX financial terminal is a stock analysis system for the individual investors. This  system follows the value investment philosophy, and provides expert-level investment support with fast market quotations, timely information, authoritative research and professional tools for individual investors.


    TX Fund Terminal

    TX fund terminal is a distribution-supporting system for fund distribution institutions and financial professionals. This system provides professional sales support for fund distribution personnel with the information and services of fund net value, fund revenue, fund valuation, fund overview, fund rating, fund company analysis, fund manager analysis, portfolio diagnosis, fund selection, fund recommendations, etc.


    Marketing Support Platform of Financial Products

    Based on TX financial database and TX research, the marketing support platform of financial products provides services of customer tracking and EW (early warning), investment risk-tolerance questionnaire, financial planning’s formulation and adjustment, investment portfolio recommendation & diagnosis, financial products comparison & selection, financial products rating, market information and announcements, etc. This platform is to provide comprehensive, professional and risk-controllable marketing support for the securities companies and banks.


    Specific Data and Statistical Services

    Based on TX financial database and TX research, TX provides various specific statistical analysis and services to clients.

    Corporate Financial Consultant Services
    ----Help Enterprise Fly with Capital


    Financial Consultant of M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) and Reorganization

    TX is a corporate financial consultant institution approved by CSRC for material asset reorganization of listed companies and M&A of listed companies. According to 2004-2009 public statistical data, TX was ranked 1st excluding securities companies, and ranked 13th including securities companies regarding the project quantity of  being the financial consultant of M&A and reorganization for the listed companies.

    TX provides the following services: developing strategies for M&A, selecting target firms, due diligence and target firm appraisal, designing practical and operable M&A programs (according to the firms’ actual conditions, laws & regulations, accounting, taxes), negotiation assistance in order to facilitate deals, designing strategies to prevent hostile takeover, financial consulting of listed companies’ material asset reorganization and M&A.


    Financial Consulting Service for IPO and Refinancing

    TX provides services of planning feasible financing and reorganization strategy and scheme based on survey and analysis on clients’ industries and competitors, introducing strategic investors, assisting the negotiation, helping to choose the right intermediary agencies, which substantially improve the efficiency and quality of the  financing and transaction.

    The services are as follows: making or improving development strategy, suggestions on financing strategy and capital market strategy, selecting target market, designing equity offering plan, consulting service in the process of restructuring and reorganization, searching strategic investors and financial investors for private financing, choosing the suitable time of listing with effective recommendations, maximizing client’s value and interest by coordinating all the works of necessary parties.


    Investor Relationship(IR) Management Services

    Basic services: IR website construction and maintenance, daily public media monitoring, weekly industry analysis, online and offline company performance meetings, joint investigations, etc.

    Special services: comments on periodical reports & significant events, media communication, analysis report on industry , competitors and  shareholdings.

    Value-added services: surveys on corporate image, research reports on fund style,  opportunities to participate TX strategy conference, introducing institutional investors, arrangement of investor-presentation according to clients’ needs.


    Other Financial Advisory Services

    TX offers other financial advisory services including regular financial consulting, equity incentive plan consulting, management advisory service, project feasibility research, enterprise restructuring consulting, etc.

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